About Us


Paint & Distress is a business built from an ever growing shared passion, and a childhood friendship. Caitie and I (Dana) started antiquing around ten years ago, as it had always been an interest of ours, and over the years we have also had many opportunities to explore our decorating talents. We truly make a fantastic team, as Caitie went to school for Business, and I studied Interior Decorating at Algonquin College here in Ottawa. We are really excited about what we have accomplished together and our journey ahead!

Refurbishing old furniture and bringing new life to vintage and antique pieces is a rewarding feeling for us - we love it! We use a combination of techniques to create truly original pieces. These include; dressers, buffets, hutches, tables, mirrors, shelving and much more! We also accept custom orders and requests. 

We are always keeping up with current trends, and of course studying past ones, so we can honestly say our products are timeless and versatile. In design we are seeing the combination of vintage and contemporary, and the furniture we offer works beautifully with this concept of mixing old with new. 

Unique style and a conversation worthy space is something most people strive to achieve. We highly suggest playing with shapes and colour, and exploring diverse styles - it is an exciting experience! Just think, one of our vintage accent chairs could be the inspiration or starting point to a beautiful decorating scheme, or it could be that finishing touch you've been looking for. 

Just remember - there is no limit and no rules, just you and your imagination. Enjoy!